The Rumor Said Fire – Life and Death of a Male Body

This album from Denmark’s “Most Talented New Act”, and winners of the P3Guld award in Denmark, is a beautiful mixture of strong male harmonies and interesting melodies that is sure to seize your ears instantly and then continue to grow on you as you to listen to it. Although there are only six tracks on this EP there are certainly no ‘filler tracks’ that are all too common on albums these days. The album starts off strong with ‘The Balcony’ that features light insrumentation like harmonica and tamborines and would create a picturesque soundtrack for a movie ending with the blissful holding of hands and an over all sunny yellow wash. And then the album transitions to ‘Evil Son’, a track that is very much reminiscent of their Danish musical rivals Mew. But all comparisons aside it is a very strong track that is much more bass and drum driven. Next is ‘In The Sour’ which takes me back to The Shin’s ‘Wincing The Night Away’ but you can’t mistake the prevalent forign undertones that resound throughout the album as a whole. Then the album contiunes with ‘The Post Mortem Makes Us Men’ that has a lot of energy, then they take it back down with acoustic guitar, poetic lyrics and subtle harmonies that would make Simon & Garfunkel proud in ‘Red Light’. The album finishes with ‘Dance’ that holds together the album as a whole and, like a quality wine, it leaves you with a good taste in your mouth… maybe should I say a good tone in your ears? Eh, I think you get my point! Withouth further ado I will say that I rarely recommend artists that aren’t worth buying the complete album, and I certainly haven’t started with The Rumor Said Fire! You can find this album on itunes and it is well worth your money. If you like Kent, Mew, Simon & Garfunkel, or The Shins then I suggest checking them out!


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