Fanfarlo – Reservoir

Imagine you’re walking through the english country side of a gold tinted film set, what music do you hear playing? If you don’t know then perhaps you should check out one of the hot new acts in the music scene biz. Their album ‘Reservoir’ was recently featured on the front page of itunes but my faithful friend Pandora had introduced me to them much earlier. In music I believe that generic comparisons often dull the bright shining newness of music that can truly only be described as modern and revived, but for the sake of those who wont likely take my word for the value of having this album in your collection and for the people who chronically are misled by the thirty second tidbits provided by our itunes friends at apple, I will make a few such comparisons. I would best describe them as a optimistic mixture of the vocal style of Arcade Fire and the old worldy style of Beruit. Like I said I heard some of their stuff on Pandora while trying to seek mental refuge from the monotony of my 8-5 desk job and decided to put one of my iphone’s many features of unbridled financial expenditure and purchased not one or two songs but the entire album. As my brother Garron always says that he thinks ipods/itunes have taken away the ‘natural selection’ in the music industry. Not only can an quote on quote artist achieve fame and wealth with just one or two decent songs, thus euthanizing the requirement of being able to create an entire album that is worth purchasing, but the large labels are limping along from billboard hit to billboard hit, from Nickelback to Kings of Leon to Nickelback again. So all that to say that I think Garron is right and so when I actually come across a band that can write and record an entire quality and cohesive album it’s certainly worth noting. So without further embellishment I’ll leave you to your musical tastes and hope that you will give them a listen!

“The walls the walls are coming down, the here and now is coming round…”


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