Windows Down & Singin’ Loud!

After the last few days I feel that I should extend my apologies to anyone who doesn’t live in Houston, not to rub in the fact that it’s been 74 and sunny for days but we Houstonians have to take what we can get. The rest of the country can point fingers and laugh at us for the other 300 and some odd days of the year when we’re melting in puddles on the scorching pavement. How does this pertain to music? We’ll no matter where you live we’ve all seen the days where no matter what is going on, you find time to roll the windows down and blast your stereo loud enough to drown out the sound of your own shout-singing. Of course it’s always great to have those sentimental songs ready on a playlist or that old Smashmouth album from high school stored in your visor for easy access but for those who are never sure what to play or are looking for something new to jam in these blessed situations I’ve complied a little list of must haves for those “Loud and Proud” cruise arounds.

Love’s A Game – The Magic Numbers
Easy Girl – Coconut Records
Penny & Me – Hanson
They Bring Me To You – Joshua Radin
The Curse Of Being A Girl – Kashmir
No One – Alicia Keys
Underdog – Spoon
You Could Write A Book – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Good Riddance – Green Day
Story Problem – The Envy Corps
Heavenly Day – Patty Griffin
Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend
Big Poppa – Notorious B.I.G.
You Don’t Know Me – Ben Folds ft. Regina Spektor
Stars of CCTV – Hard-Fi
Lasso – Phoenix
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
Float On – Modest Mouse
It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me – Billy Joel
Ladies Of The World – Flight Of The Conchords
On A Day Like Today – Bryan Adams

It’s important to add you’re own personal flare to any playlist or mix CD but a good variety of genres will insure musical bad-assness in any situation. What can I say I’ve been the cause of many a red light crush and many green light heartbreaks with this set list blaring. And now I pass it on to you…

Click on “pop out player” to check out the music on this list!


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