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Fact: I’m not a big fan of cover bands.

Now I do appreciate the occasional cover thrown in a set so I can sing along while I’m sitting with my americano, but unless you’re going to perform some of your own stuff I’m really not that interested in you as a musican. I’m sorry to say it but that’s just how I am, so turn down the volume and let me drink my beverage in peace. But with that being said I’ll admit that I do love hearing a great song redone in a new and creative way! So without further ado here are some of my favorite cover songs!

I Can’t Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michealson
– I’m not a huge Elvis fan but I can remember my grandmother singing many of his tender love ballads in her stylish Texas hill country kitchen as if they were written for her, and I have to admire ‘The King’ for the lyrical poetry that has wooed many a woman. But Ingrid does a very pretty version that I can’t help but sing along to myself, I suppose it’s genetic.

Just Dance – Gary Go
– Any Lady Gaga fans in the house? Ok well I guess it’s just me but I’m not ashamed to say that I can certainly get my dance on to pretty much any of her songs. But even if you loath the former roman catholic school girl gone disturbingly eccentric pop princess’s songs I still say check out Gary Go’s mellow piano based cover featuring Mr. Dialysis.

If You Leave – Nada Surf
– I love Nada Surf’s music in general and you should too, but while you’re checking out their other albums (I’d suggest starting with their Let Go album) go ahead and download their tribute to the infamous OMD that was featured on The O.C. Mix vol 2!

The Ocean Breaths Salty – Sun Kil Moon
– Originally a cynical Modest Mouse jam but magically (or should I say musically) transformed into a delicate song poem by the ever so mellow Sun Kil Moon.

Moon River – Patty Griffin
– Many of you may know this song being sung by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s but it has been recorded by many big names over the years including: Louis Armstrong, Paul Anka, Frank Sinatra, CCR, and Morrissey.

Crossroads, Free Fallin’, In Your Atmosphere – John Mayer
– John Mayer actually has quite a few cover songs and many of them I felt were worth mentioning here! Although most of them are live recordings they’re good quality and most of them can be found on itunes.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – Sherri DuPree
– This isn’t a publicity post… I’m being honest. My cousin Sherri (of Eisley) covered this song a while back and as wonderful as the original by Neautral Milk Hotel is I have to say that this cover get’s more play on my ipod. Matt Pond PA also covered this song and did a decent job of it but there is still some element that’s missing in his. This wasn’t an official release but I believe some live radio session recordings of it are floating around out there!

Crazy In Love – The Magic Numbers
– Good band… funny cover.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Greg Laswell
– Well I can’t exactly get a dance party going with this one but it certainly makes the cut. I actually listened to half the song before I realized what was when I first heard it… but I gotta hand it to ol’ Greg, nicely done.

Across The Universe – Rufus Wainwright
-I’m in love with his voice, it’s true. And I know that everyone and their dog seems to cover a Beatles song in their career but there’s a special place in my heart for this song and it’s just a little bigger than most of the other spaces there.

You Belong To Me – Jason Wade (lifehouse)
– A beautiful song from the 1950’s that’s been done by many popular artists (I’ve always been partial to Patsy Cline’s recording) but I have to say hearing Jason Wade’s version gave it a much different feel than what I had ever heard.

True – Paul Anka
– Popular artist from the 50’s and 60’s, Paul Anka released a cover album in 2005 titled ‘Rock Swings’ that’s comprised of an unpredictable collection of popular rock songs like “the reason”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Wonderwall”. Although it’s shocking to hear any Hoobistank song done big band style I would say that the only track I can say I love

Odds – Postal Service
– My friend Ben has always given me a hard time about loving Phil Collins but Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis’s side band Postal Service (what my dad affectionately calls GarageBand For Cutie) has helped him see the error of his musical prejudices. If I ever meet Mr. Gibbard I’ll have to thank him for helping my friend see the light and subsequently giving me something to hold over him for a while.

Such Great Heights – Iron & Wine
– Speaking of The Postal Service, many of you have probably heard Iron & Wine’s version of Such Great Heights since it was featured on the Garden State soundtrack and various other movies, but if you haven’t you certainly need to check that shizzz out!

Tiny Dancer – Ben Folds
-No offence Elton… but I might like Ben’s version better. Just keepin’ it real here.

Real Love – Regina Spektor
– Her vocals may be a bit busy at times but her tribute to John Lennon was well done with this one.

There are more but then again that always seems to be the case when talking about music! Hope you enjoy the list! If you can’t find some of these tracks please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to send them your way! And as always, let me know what you’re favorite covers are! My ipod is always glad to add to the family!


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