Andrew Belle – The Ladder

As much as I wanted to post about Kashmir, their new album, and their show at SXSW I’m going to resist in the hopes of retaining some my imagined “music connoisseur dignity”. Because I’m not gonna lie, I was a total fan girl. Maybe later though! But as you can see the topic of today’s post is the wonderful Andrew Belle and his musical work of art titled “The Ladder”. I’ll try to limit myself because I know I get a bit wordy at times… Let us dive in!

On the opening track, and also the title track, I would say his vocals have a bit of a Grizzly Bear vibe or even Dallas Green of City & Colour. Over all it hooked me and laid good ground work for the album. After that comes ‘Static Waves’, a light-hearted track featuring Katie Herzig. This is the only track you hear her on but their voices go together so well that I would’ve been happy to hear her on other tracks as well. On most of his other tracks his voice sounds much more like Gary Go, that is he sounds less ‘indie-odd’ than the afore-mentioned artists but still has an amazing voice, but the instrumentation is much richer and varied than ol’ Gary boy’s is. There is so much more I could say about the tracks individually but I’m trying to be fairly short-winded so I’ll just say that I love “Oh My Stars” which is found half way through the album.

Honestly in trying to pick one thing that stuck out for me when thinking of the album as a whole it would be the string instruments and how they were not only used but how they were recorded as well. It’s amazing how much of a difference there is when strings are recorded with real instruments instead of the synthesized filler tracks we’re constantly fed by bands who don’t want to actually put time or many into recording! The fourth track, ‘Add It Up’ is a great example of this! Many thanks to Paul for giving me this album!

“if everything you’ve said to me has been true
then all my stars are leading me to you
-Andrew Belle

P.S. Just as heads up, a recent conversation/debate with my friend Blanke has inspired me to go through all seven of Radiohead’s albums in chronological order and blog about them individually to see if my opinions of them change. I don’t think this process will suddenly change which ones are my faves (which differ greatly from Blanke’s) but we’ll see! So get ready for it to start this Sunday… Pablo Honey, come to mama!


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