Radiohead – The Bends

Oh my… where to start?

I LOVE this album. I listened to it once through in the name of research and rediscovery, then I listened to it all the way through twice more in the name of love for radiohead. As much as I love some of the tracks on Pablo Honey, in my opinion these two albums don’t even compare. For example: a few songs on Pablo honey recived four or five stars on my ipod’s rating tracker, but nearly ALL of the tracks on The Bends are what I would consider ‘top plays’ and thus got 4 or 5 stars giving it an album star average of 4.5! From the unique feel of the individual songs to the way they are aranged on the album there is a certain intentionality in all of Thom’s York’s oddity that really makes this a coheasive album instead of a collection of tracks.

On a ‘historical’ note, The Bends was released in 1995, and featured five charting singles. It went triple platinum in the UK but as usual the US was a bit behind in musical taste but it still managed to go platinum here. Translation: this album ain’t playin’ ’round.

One thing I like about it is that it has more layers than Pablo Honey and in my opinion it resembles the ‘traditional’ Radiohead sound that we know and love.

Tomorrow’s blog will feature the album that first won my heart for RH. OK Computer!


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