Radiohead – Kid A

Honestly, I’m going to stick with my opinion that they know how to pick opening and closing tracks very well, but I’d say that both ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’ are a little electro-raveish for most of my moods. But they encapsulate the feel of Kid A very well. Please don’t hate me for saying this, I’ve received a lot of flack for this over the years but Kid A isn’t one of my favorite albums. Surprisingly enough this was the first of their albums to hit number one on the US charts and in spite of it’s eccentricities it was nominated for album of the year and won a grammy for best alternative album in 2000. Apparently mine is not the popular opinion but I’ll say that Radiohead deserved the success. But don’t stop reading here… give me a chance to redeem myself.

Although there are many of the tracks that I don’t care for, and even though I do prefer a more guitar driven and less ambient sound, there are some tracks that I genuinely love. For instance, Idioteque is an incredible track and my favorite off f the album. Also I would say that The National Anthem is certainly a must for any workout, windows down, late night jam out, or any other type of play list that requires an elevated level of bad-assery! Optimistic also has a special place in my heart and is on many of my playlists.

So there you have it… feel free to disagree with me. If you’re unfamiliar with Radiohead this is an album I suggest you work up to, not start with!


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One Comment on “Radiohead – Kid A”

  1. sam jones
    April 2, 2010 at 3:12 am #

    kid a is my favorite radiohead album (ok computer is a close second).
    I think because it feels so cohesive and all the songs just run together. btw. Treefingers was made using only guitars.


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