Radiohead – Amnesiac

Hey everyone,
I know I should have had this posted “yesterday” but since I haven’t gone to bed yet I say it still counts for April 2nd. If you disagree I simply wont approve any of your comments… that’s because here I’m the Queen and you’re the sorry people!

Now that that’s settled… Amnesiac is what I’ve always thought of as the sister album of Kid A. In my opinion they both have that same elecro-ambient feel to them but then again that would make sense since they were both recorded during the same time period… very clever of them, very clever indeed.

Anyone lucky enough to catch them on their “In Rainbows” tour in 2008 might have noticed how their set list selection featured a lot of tracks from both Kid A and Amnesiac and of course plenty from their most recent album. It was an amazing show and all of the songs seemed to blend into one another so well that at times I didn’t even fully realize that they had actually started playing another song. And no I wasn’t smoking anything, unlike 99% of the crowd. Let’s just say that due to the fact that I took my brother Remington to the show for his 13th birthday gift I was really glad it was an outdoor venue with a substantial breeze, otherwise I would have returned a second hand druggy to my parents… no bueno.

I’d say my favorite tracks from the album (in no particular order) are Knives Out, You and Who’s Army?, I Might Be Wrong, and Pyramid Song. And I have to say that You And Who’s Army was particularly amazing live… they had a bit of an alternative ending to it that ran straight into Idioteque which was the last song of the second, and final, encore. I wish I had words that could actually transport you there… oh well.

Just as a fun tidbit of info, you might be interested in hunting down “Like Spinning Plates (Reversed)” which was released as a bonus track in France. Those Frenchies just HAVE to try and outdo us don’t they?

Anyway, I would say that if you’re a huge fan of Kid A then you’d certainly like this album. If you don’t like Kid A then I’d suggest one of their earlier albums. If you don’t even like Radiohead than I’d suggest you find another blog or another set of ears… just kidding, sort of… I mean April Fools, oh wait, no… um whatever.

“When we were recording Kid A and Amnesiac everyone thought we had completely lost it, we thought that was the point.”
-Thom Yorke


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