Radiohead – Hail To The Thief

Hello Everyone and happy Easter to you! I did very nearly nothing useful today and I can’t think of anything more splendid! And in my loads of free time I had Hail To The Thief to keep my ear buds company…

Although the kept their use of general illogical lyrics and didn’t drastically change any particular part of their style, you’ll notice a heavier use of piano along with their use of tracks in this album. It was released in 2003 and came at a time in their careers when each member was feeling the strain of having to constantly divide their time between touring, their families, writing and recording. So for the sake of their personal lives they decided to have as little time in the studio as possible and ended up recording almost all of the tracks in under two weeks! That even competes with The Fireman’s (side project of Paul McCartney and Youth) album “Electric Arguments” where they recorded 13 songs in 13 days! Seeing as how Radiohead has always made it known how much they admire McCartney, even working with him on his album Chaos & Creation, it makes sense that they would try their hand at a speedy recording session.

“We Suck Young Blood” and “Myxomatosis” remind me of something from a Muse album, sans the Freddie Mercury vocal style. But that’s probably because they’re pretty dark and that’s really not much of a descriptive basis to found that statement on, but that’s the comparison my mind makes right off the bat. Don’t freak, I’m not trying to put Muse and Radiohead in the same musical category…

“Sit down, Stand Up” and “Go To Sleep” are easily my favorite tracks off of the album but I generally like most of the songs. I think it was a step in the right musical direction for them in that they kept their defined style and yet didn’t make the common mistake of producing a record that sounded just like their previous album.

It’s interesting to look up interviews done with the band around the times they were recording these albums. Knowing a little bit more about what was going on in their personal lives and the career decisions they were making while writing these songs gives a little more perspective on why this album may have that vibe and then the next one might have a completely different one. It’s like you can appreciate the music more because you know that in a way you’re sharing in their experiences and feelings. Powerful stuff I say…


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