Frightened Rabbit – Winter Of Mixed Drinks

Not gonna lie… I may have purchased this album because the album art caught my eye. Ok ok that’s not really true, the artwork is interesting in that it uses a color scheme that stands out from the typical misguided efforts towards peculiar melancholy that indie bands seem flaunt like a Louis Vuitton purse, but I’ve been a fan of Frightened Rabbit for a bit now and I was really excited to hear their third album cool album art or not.

This one from the underrated Scottish indie rock band is far less depressing than their other albums and as much as I can dig a ‘dark’ album I found myself wanting something a little different this time and they certainly delivered.

The album certainly bridges the gap between their previous albums and what you’re about to experience with the first track titled “Things”  which is an upbeat scottish ballad type of song with the hook line of “I didn’t need these things”. Throughout the rest of the album I’d have to say that my favorite tracks by far are The Wrestle which I don’t believe can be listened to at any volume lower than full blast, Not Miserable, and Living Colour which is really good but perhaps a bit on the Snow Patrol side for me to make it a five star feature on my ipod.

Over all I would recommend buying this album even if you weren’t a big fan of their previous albums because this one is much more “listener friendly”.

“I didn’t need these things
I didn’t need them, oh
Took them all to bits, turned ’em outside in
And I left them on the floor and ran for dear life to the door”


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