Greg Laswell – Three Flights From Alto Nido

Where the heck is Alto Nido anyway? I hate confusing album titles… so this album I love for the music. And boy do I love it…

This album was originally recommended to me by some lovely ladies in the Barnes & Noble music section whoI happened to meet because they were fans of Eisley, and I’m never one to pass up a good conversation about music!

As it happens this is the third studio album from Singer/Song Writer Greg Laswell and it was released mid 2008. Interestingly enough nearly all instruments were played by Greg (yes, we’re on a first name basis, he may not know it but we are), and a few of the songs were even recorded in his own studio in San Diego, CA.

My favorites off of this album are: It’s Been A Year, The One I Love (not to be confused with REM’s song), Comes And Goes In Waves (my #1 fav featuring the vocals of Molly Jenson), How The Day Sounds, and  Not Out. But this time around I’d suggest getting the whole album instead of downloading just a few from itunes. I don’t care how much money you don’t have… just go for it, and if you hate the album I will personally pay you back. Ok, no that’s a lie… I was just saying that for emphasis. If you wonder why I won’t promise to reimburse you then email me and we’ll talk about how much money I don’t have!

The music video for “How The Day Sounds” is amazing and it features some sweet dance moves from Elijah Wood… Watch Video

If I must draw comparisons I’d say his slower stuff reminds me of Joshua Radin but Greg has a lot of layers to his music whereas Josh tends to keep it pretty pure and simple. That’s about all I have for right now but I hope each of you give the album a chance and even if you’re not committed to buying it right away just go stream it off of or something… and then when you love it you can go buy it. Don’t pirate though, it’s tacky. And finally, let me know what you think of it!


“And I’m sure that I am tangled up in things you said out loud to me
So recklessly,
And it’s easier to sing the things I wanna say to you,
So I’ll sing, you’re losing me” -Greg Laswell

P.S. Alto Nido is the name of a Hollywood apartment complex where William Holden’s character lived in the 50’s film “Sunset Blvd”. It’s now considered a Hollywood landmark. God bless google…


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