MGMT – Congratulations

Honestly, I had hoped for more. But maybe that’s the issue? Don’t let me come off as too much of a Debbie Downer about this album. I think I’ll grow to like it, but I need a little time to mourn the absence of any of the feel good electronic dance tunes I was anticipating.

I purchased the album at midnight last night and listened to it all day at work and I have to say that there wasn’t much that stuck out to me as far as individual tracks go. But that also means that there were any I would consider worse than the others. However, I would like to note their songs referencing other musicians like, “A Song For Dan Treacy” and “Brian Eno”. Dan Treacy is the singer/songwriter for the English band Television Personalities and Brian Eno is the famous english musician that is often referred to as “the father of ambient music”.

Interestingly enough the band decided to write the album in a small isolated cabin and then in contrast decided to record the album in Malibu… I guess they had enough of nature by the time they were done writing! I can’t say I blame them. Unfortunately, Paul McCartney’s alleged interest in working with the band have yet to be realized but I’m crossing my fingers that the next album will bring that about!

Overall, I would say that if you’re a die hard fan of MGMT you should get the album because they still have their same feel, just don’t expect Kids Version Two on this album. It’s much more even keel but I believe it will grow on you. And since my wonderful roomates got me tickets to their show in June maybe the live show will win me over!

In other news, as a birthday gift from my wonderful parents I attended the Elton John concert in Austin, TX over the weekend and there will be a blog about that VERY soon! And I have also been given the unreleased Greg Laswell album “Take A Bow” and I’m sure you’ll be hearing about that soon as well!


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