Carpark North – All Things To All People

Ok Ok I know… it’s been a while. Possibly a whole week, but what can I say? I was sucked up into the vortex of wedding planning and all the various adjustments to my normal schedule that that entails! And for those of you who don’t know me it is not my wedding… puh-lease, ok enough exuses… on with the show!

As many of you know, or at least will come to notice, I am a huge fan of Danish bands. Of course the Swedes and the British follow closely but I think the Danes take the torten cake on this one. Among these highly ranked bands are Mew, Kashmir, Alphabeat, more recently Royksopp and of course Carpark North.

There are two ways of looking at musical discoveries. One is simply by happy chance, and the other is a blessing in the midst of a journey, I’d like to say that Carpark and I have something in the later catagory. I actually found them (or they found me) because the music video for “Human” was directed by Martin De Thurah who is a favorite of mine (he’s done the last few Mew music videos) So as you see I was just strolling along and gathering up tidbits of useless fan girl information when I discovered them.

All that background to say that this is certainly an interesting band, and I am fully aware that I’m throwing you a curve ball but I feel like I would be lax in my mission to spice up any ipod band selection if I don’t mention them. As you’ve probably guess I’m going to suggest starting with their album “All Things To All People” and my favorite tracks are Human, Best Day Of My Life, Fireworks, and Heart Of Me. To be honest some of the tracks are a little punk for me but then again the grunge rock undertones are faint enough to add a little variety to any playlist. I love them but I can’t say that they are for everyone… but preview their album on itunes and if you don’t think you’ll be into it at least do yourself the favor of buying Human and Heart Of Me and see if they don’t worm their way in to your heart.

Also feel free to check out and/or message me about any of the other bands I listed. They are all most certainly worth your while!


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