City & Colour – Bring Me Your Love

I will write about an American band someday… but that day is not today. But in all fairness to me it’s not like I don’t post about any american artists, let’s not get dramatic here. I promise the disproportionate amount of blogs about foreign bands/artists is not due to a lack of political patriotism, but more of a lack of musical patriotism. I’m afraid to say that the US isn’t exactly known for ridding the cutting edge of musical achievement. Hate to break it to ya…

And for those of you who may not appreciate all the talented Danes that make an appearence here you might be happy to know that today’s band is actually Canadian. City & Color is the pseudonym for Dallas Green (Dallas is a city, Green is a color… very clever there Dally boy) he had many other musicians contribute to the recording of this album and many have gone on to actually do tours with him when they aren’t touring with their respecitive bands. Dallas was for a time the singer and guitarist for the hard-core/screamo band AlexIsOnFire but I prefer to look over that bit of his musical history.

Bring Me Your Love is my favorite of his two albums, Sometimes has a couple of great tracks but doesn’t do it for me the way that this album does! The album is very consistent as a whole but some of the tracks that stick out are Confession, Sleeping Sickness, Constant Knot, and The Girl. And just note that the itunes preview for The Girl starts doesn’t really give you an accurate idea of what the song sounds like because it starts out slow but then picks up into a pretty fun song! Over all I usually explain his music as folksy without the twang, if that makes any sense.

This is one artist that I highly suggest buying the entire album and not just going track by track, because they are ALL worth having. If you are interested in his other album it’s good but has much lest instrumental dynamic, but Delaware and Save Your Scissors are pretty good ones!



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