Anaïs Mitchell – Hadestown

This album is a beautiful story.

And now that you’re confused by that statement let me attempt to explain myself…

Hadestown is not for everyone… and it’s not for everyday. But I thought it was creative enough to merit a post. Although this album may be released as Anaïs Mitchell’s album it has many other artists you may know such as Greg Brown, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Ben Knox Miller (The Low Anthem), The Haden Triplets and Ani DiFranco!

This album is much like The Decemberist’s most recent album “The Hazards Of Love” in that it should be listened to in order because each song is the continuation of a story based on the same characters. But where Colin Meloy based The Decemberist’s album around the original, if somewhat grotesque, tale of beautiful women, forest dwellers, and queens,  Anaïs wrote her album to follow the story of Orpheus & Eurydice from greek mythology. Of course this sparks the geeky literature loving side of me but I assure you it’s actually an incredible story of love, sacrifice, and the cruelties of life. Justin Vernon sings the roll of Orpheus while Anaïs sings Eurydice’s part, and I must say that while I have a hard time with Greg Brown’s voice in general he does make a good Hades!

There isn’t much more I can say to you about this album without retelling the entire story… and I assure you it’s better done by this quirkey team of musicians than anything I could type out here! My favorite tracks are Way Down In Hadestown, Wait For Me, and Is It True?. But I would say that the only song you can get by with purchasing (outside of the entire album) is Way Down In Hadestown, very fun track if you don’t want to commit to the album!

Enjoy! Also, I will from here on out be much more consistent with my blogging!


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