Sleeping At Last – Storyboards

This is a band that I had the pleasure of being intruduced to through the wise and all knowing a year or two ago and then I had the recent opportunity to see them play at Brewtones (venue based in the Tyler Vineyard Church’s building that has been run by my aunt and uncle for many years now). I’ve fallen in love with their beautiful melodies and I’m always intrigued by their use of instruments like banjos, mandolins and even the Bulgarian tambura! Yes I know it sounds like a strange combination, and I’m not sure that it isn’t, but I think you’ll certainly like it!

Porcelain is the opening track and also one of my favorites. Side By Side, Slow & Steady, and Unmade are some of my other favorites off the album. Also, you should check out Clockwork,  it’s a hard track to describe with all of it’s string parts but while listening to it you almost expect the Von Trapp children to enter and sing a song of farewell at any moment. Over all I would say that most of their stuff is fairly mellow but don’t confuse mellow for depressing. Unlike many of the “mellow” bands I like their lyrics are much more positive and/or optimistic than a lot of the other introspective indie stuff out there.

Unfortunately is shutting down so you have one less option to check out their stuff via web streaming but has a few of their tracks if you so wish to search for them! I think this is an album that anyone can love!


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