The National – High Violet

Hey everyone! Looks like I’ve made it back here without too much of a gap between posts… I appreciate all of the feedback on my last blog via facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. you guys and gal’s are great!

Ok so my current i-can’t-sit-at-my-desk-for-one-more-second-or-i’ll-lose-it suicide prevention, as i’m sure all you clever mc-cleversons can guess by the title, is The National’s new album High Violet album.  I would say that I like The National in general but I don’t know that I could’ve told you exactly what I like about them… nor would it be something I’d completely rave about, and I thought this album was going to be the same.

With lead singer Matt Beringer’s deep voice and limited annunciation I’d say they sound a bit like The Editors. The first time through I thought it flowed nicely from each song but the only one that stuck out to me was Lemonworld.

On the second time through I really noticed the way all the songs slowly build so well, and I started to really fall in love with Sorrow, Little Faith, and Afraid Of Everyone. I love a lot of the more subtle instrumentation used throughout the album, it may not be very in your face but it’s incredibly beautiful. I was also excited to learn that Sufjan Stevens worked on this album a bit, he even did some vocal tracking on Afraid Of Everyone. I don’t know that I can completely forgive him for going so long without making another album of his own but I’ll take what I can get. And as a side note, Matt Berninger has confirmed that The National will be working with Sufjan in the near future.

On the third time through I really felt the emotion… maybe it was the mood I was in but I don’t think so. I almost cried listening to Runaway… I’m serious as Sirius Black. So needless to say it’s won me over. I would also comment on the album art being pretty cool but after all I’ve said that’s like saying that Kate Moss has nice toe nails…

But hey, don’t just take my word for it… listen to it with your own two ears (no offense to all my uni-eared friends) and let me know what you think of it!

“I’ll go braving everything
With you swallowing the shine of the summer
I’ll go braving everything
Through the shine of the sun
But I won’t be no runaway
Cause I won’t run” -The National


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