The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Oooohh… they used the word “saga”. Doesn’t that just make you forget all about the total cheese ball lines and horrendous acting? No? Hmmm, oh well… I guess I wont be seeing you at the midnight showing. haha.

Ok now for real, you can hate on the movies. And I wont argue with you. You can bash the books. And I’ll say “To each their own”. But if you start crap about the soundtracks then Houston we have a problem, because I love them. I went the whole itunes route with this particular purchase since I couldn’t bear the thought of having such an object as a permanent residence of my room. I even went so far as to change the album artwork on my ipod so I could feel a little less lame while listening to it over and over again… because let me tell you, I’m lovin’ it.

To be honest Muse had the weakest track on there, sad to say but undoubtedly true. But no matter how much they fail to provide with good soundtrack material I’m guessing we’ll see them on the next one too due to Stephenie Meyer’s obsession with them. Whatev, I’ll deal… but only because I love the other tracks so much.

Florence + The Machine’s Heavy In Your Arms is incredible, as is Sia’s My Love. And with this album you also get the exclusive tracks from bands like Metric, Band Of Horses, The Bravery, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys, Battles, and more…

Also, how many chances do you have to own an artist collaboration track from Beck & Bat For Lashes? Answer: not very many. So don’t miss it.

There’s only one track from the score and it’s done by one of my favorite composers, Howard Shore. Not too intense but very beautiful.

All in all, if you can swallow your pride and buy something connected to Twilight then I’d say your ears wont regret it… but your street cred probably will. If it really bothers you that much just do what I did and change the album art to something like this:


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