Eminem – Recovery

It’s a Thursday night. 8 o’clock. I’m already in pajamas. And yet I’m feeling like a total bad ass. Why you ask? Because I’ve got my boy Marshall’s new album blastin’, and suddenly life is good. Ok so I know that being a fan of Eminem is hardly considered ‘cool’ in most indie music groups, but I’m just going to be honest here and tell you that I luhhhh me some white boy rap. word, k-k-keep it real…

After listening to the first track, Cold Wind Blows, I was worried that the whole album was going to be weak as a whole with one or two goodies thrown in there for radio purposes, but I’ll cut to the chase and say that ol’ Slim Shady’s really created a masterpiece this go ’round.

Talkin’ 2 Myself and On Fire are good but the third track, Wont Back Down featuring Pink, is among my favorites on the album. Of course pink brings some intense female vocals and over all the track reminds me slightly of The Black Keys in it’s blues rock vibe. I know a lot of rappers try to be versatile in their style but a lot of the time I wish they’d just stick with the traditional drum loops because so much of the time the rap parts feel like they were slapped over some random karaoke track… but this one was done well, reeeealll well.

W.T.P. – great for blasting in the car, good beat, over all good vibe.
Going Through Changes – nice change in dynamic  instrumentally as well as some cool vocal layering, which makes sense since it was cowritten with the some of the Black Sabbath fellas.
Not Afraid –  Good choice for the single, fairly epic, I’m also glad to see a rap artist unitize the concept of actually having a distinguished bridge in the midst of a verse chorus world.
Seduction – not my favorite but not bad… I kept expecting to hear Snoop’s ‘Sensual Seduction’ to be looped in but he tried to keep it original… no worries, i’m sure someone will do a remix soon enough.
No Love Ft. Lil Wayne – I missed the Lil Wayne fan band wagon but I’m not surprised to see he made it on the album. They used sample tracks from Haddaway’s “What is love” and you may notice the use of  Justin Timeberlake’s line “what goes around comes around”. It’s cool at first but I don’t think it’s original enough to have much staying power in my most listened to. I dunno, the jury’s still out on it.
Space Bound – Some of the rapping on this is just down right impressive… He makes the “rocket man” connection with some Elton John references, and it made me wish Elton had actually be featured on it. Eh, a lot of people buying this album probably wouldn’t appreciate it.
25 To Life – The angry track… love it.
So Bad – middle of the road in the grand scheme of things but I’d still say I like it.
Almost Famous – Sort of a creepy vibe… I want to know who the secret female vocalist is.
I Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna – Incredible, incredible, incredible. Ri’s voice is incredible as usual and it’s awesome to hear Em go back to his older rap style. Dare I even say his parts are almost Lose Yourself-ish?
Never Over – one of the only tracks I’ll say I don’t really care for… in any way.
Untitled – Certainly good enough to have a title… some odd rendition samples of the Leslie Gore original “You Don’t Own Me”.  Fairly crude but it still deserved to have a name.

That’s probably more than any of you cared to know about it but there you go anyway! Of course he throws in his typical lyrical slams throughout the album, generally directed towards Kanye, critics, or at times him self. But unlike most of his tracks from Encore that’s not the ENTIRE point of the album.

If your like me and can only buy one album this pay period… I fully support you getting this one, no matter how much the cover reminds you of something a cheeseball christian rap artist from the 90’s would put out.


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One Comment on “Eminem – Recovery”

  1. Taylor
    August 16, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    Female vocalist in “Almost Famous” sounds like the lead singer of The Pierces


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