Pete Fountain – Plenty of Pete

There’s a long and very unintriguing (sp? un-in-tree-geeing, un-intriguing, untriguing?) story of how I came to be sitting in my parent’s living room this fine saturday morning drinking delicious espresso, the smell of cinnamon rolls wafting from the kitchen, the sound of my dad and brothers building a new deck out side the window, and most notably Pete Fountain playing in the background of it all. Like I said all the events leading up to this quiet reflective moment are really quite mundane and would only serve to paint a picture of a fairly unenchanting daily life of work schedules, lawn service, A/C units, and realizing you no longer carry cash with you… but that’s not the point of my blog today.

Of course I want to talk about Pete, and I realize that I may seem a bit musically bi-polar to blog about Eminem’s new album and an old school clarinetist from New Orleans, and this is justified… but I think everyone should have a well rounded collection of music, and I would say that virtually every genre has something to offer.

A little about Pete:
Pete Fountain (Born Pierre Dewey LaFontaine, and I wish he would have kept the “LaFontaine”) started playing in bands in the mid 40’s and had a pretty hoppin’ career until the late 60’s, after that things slowed down a bit for him in the recording department when he decided to focus more on running his club in the French Quarter. in 2007 he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame. Pete is now 80 years old…

A little about why I love Pete:
I grew up listening to my parents throwing on one of his Pete Fountain vinyls most Saturday mornings as a “wake up, and don’t worry it’s the weekend” call, along with the insanely loud coffee grinder. I suppose the constant positive associations with his music during childhood probably has something to do with me loving him… ring the bell and the dogs salivate, ya know?

Personally I would recommend his “Plenty of Pete” album circa 1962 if you can manage to find it, since it actually hasn’t ever been reproduced to CD and/or MP3. My dad actually had to import ours from the vinyl once we became fairly exclusive ipod users, but to be honest I love all of the antique pops and static that come along with my salvaged files. You’ll hear some familiar melodies from songs like Unforgettable, Is It True What They Say About Dixie, and Stardust but it’s only fragments and most of songs combine the tracks.

I may try and upload what I have and give you guys a link soon! If you’re really interested in having it message/tweet/email me and I’ll send it to fill the musical void in your life.


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