The Beaten Sea

This is the beginning of me blogging ever other day, no more of this once a week “oh i’m to busy to do more” crap I’ve been excusing myself with. I mean do I blog or don’t I? So it’s decided, I will have a new post for you every other day… i’ve also decided to climb everest, and marry Sufjan Stevens. Wish me luck…

Anyway, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. One recent favorite of mine in the music department has been The Beaten Sea’s self titled debut. This Dallas based Texas band born out of the “Dallas Family Band” group/collaboration/community (which includes The Fox & The Bird, LalaGray, Jacob Metcalf, etc) And I had the pleasure of seeing them play here in Houston with Nathaniel Rateliff a few weeks ago. And if there was any part of me that didn’t love the album it was gone by the time the show was done. With a lot of energy (of the non teeny-bopper/warp tour variety), catchy tunes, and plain ol’ musical talent it made me realize how over stated a lot of other bands are these days.

Turn out empty is the opening track and gives you a pretty definitive feel for the over all feel of the album. It seems far to simple or generic to call it folk but if I had to pick one word I suppose that’d be the one I’d use.
Next is one of my favorite tracks, and my absolute favorite from the live set, called Doctor’s Not Gonna Cure Our Ills which (not to cheapen it in any way) makes a great bar song in that shout-a-long sort of way.
Grave Clothes reminds me lyrically of a Decemberists song with a heaping dose of twang added.
Hard Way is probably my second favorite track and let me just say that the vocals from LalaGray on this one are tasty…

I won’t bore you by writing a book about the album so it’ll have to suffice to say that the rest of the album is great as well, and it’s certainly worth the mullah to own. Really, I mean it… who needs to pay 10 bucks to see Inception when you could use that money to buy an awesome album? Yes I just said it, this album will satisfy you more than two hours with Leo…


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4 Comments on “The Beaten Sea”

  1. August 9, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

    Great find – it is amazingly refreshing to hear an alt-country/neo-folk band with some actual proclivity for lyricism, rather than the stuff that Keith Urban or Kenny Chesney put out.

    I haven’t been convinced to buy the album yet (I’ve got the wallet of a college student), but I’m certainly going to keep them in mind.

  2. August 10, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    thanks for this review. i’d never really heard of them before, and i live in dallas! i suck. haha. i’m really likin’ most of the cd. (lead gets a little too twangy for me at times. but for the most part, i like it.)


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