Down With Webster – Time To Win, Vol. 1

There are so many albums that are coming out within the next week or two which means a couple of things… a) I will be broke b) I will be posting a crud load c) I don’t have anything new at the moment to rave about.

But while I’m waiting for my world to explode into a glorious musical realm of Jimmy Eat World, Ray LaMontagne, and The Weepies I’ll just tell you what I’ve been listening to. I know I’ve been on an indie-folk kick lately but I broke it today by having a sudden need to listen to Down With Webster. I saw these canadian boys open for open for Timbaland earlier this year and I was really impressed with the energy they were able to get from the crowd.

It’s pop/punk/rap-ish and I really don’t know how to describe it so you should just go get their EP… I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and it’s great on a work out playlist. I mean they cover a Hall & Oates song… what more could you want?

Anyway, preview their stuff on itunes and that’ll give you a good idea of their vibe… take it or leave it, that’s my suggestion for the day.

Also, I know that many of you are wordpress for lifers and I really don’t care where you read my blog at but you can enjoy clips of the music on my .me account at:


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One Comment on “Down With Webster – Time To Win, Vol. 1”

  1. August 17, 2010 at 2:30 am #

    You know, if you used .mp3s instead of .m4as, you could just copy the URL from you .me account and then put it inside of [audio url_here] tags and it’d play on here.

    Beyond that, Down With Webster seems pretty cool.. don’t know about workout music (its too light on the bass), but its catchy.

    As far as new releases go.. brian wilson, !!!, ray lamontagne, matthew dear, the boxer rebellion, mogwai, and ra ra riot all this week… uh oh… at least weepies is later.

    And on a completely unrelated note (this would fit better on the auerbach post, but figure there is no need for an additional comment), check out cadillac sky (produced by auerbach) – pretty cool shit.


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