Jack Johnson – To The Sea

So I know he’s not someone that y’all don’t know about but I’m surprised at how many people have never really given him a chance.

Most of the show I looked at all of the cute girls there to get drunk on their boyfriend’s dime and most likely are only fair-weather radio fans of Jack at most. After looking around I had the impulse to tell people that I actually like Jack Johnson, I’m not a poser. For example, while getting our pre-show freebirds fix the server was asking each one of us what song we were hoping Jack would play, of course we each launch off about this song or that, which sadly enough he wasn’t expecting… apparently everyone else he asked just said Banana Pancakes. So yeah, like I said, posers.

The show was AMAZING… so worth sitting in the down poor of a thunderstorm for (no one tell my dad about the T-Storm part). I don’t know who I want to make love to more, Jack Johnson or his guitars… I could have a love affair with the way he plays that Gibson ES-335. Mmmmm boy…

He didn’t talk a whole lot between songs, but it was enough to be personal (at least as personal as one can be when addressing 22,000 people) He and his band opened with You And Your Heart… which is a good sign, there’s nothing that indicates a total album FAIL as when a band still opens their shows with their old stuff.

He played My Little Girl in honor of one of the guys in opening band (ALO/Animal Liberation Orchestra) having a kid born that day… so one song about having babies, and then the much loved Banana Pancakes… about making babies, very fitting. He of course had a stelar band backing him which included Dan Lebowitz, from opening act ALO on the keys and harmony vocals. He also brought Paula Fuga with him from Hawaii to sing a few songs with him and it was deeeelightful, he really should have female vocalists more often. Then he started his whole encore bit with Do You Remember (my favorite) and burst my romantic bubble when he said that he wrote it for his wife when he forgot their anniversary, but I’d say he made it up to her well enough.

Ok I know, that’s enough about the show, it was great and that’s all there is to it. The album feels like a natural progression from his latest stuff, there is more dynamic in instrumentation but it’s still unmistakably Jack J. My favorite tracks are You And Your Heart, My Little Girl, Only The Ocean, and Better Together. Great album and a great show. If you have a chance to catch him play sometime I say go for it! And if you have a couple of spare pennies I’d suggest buying his album.


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One Comment on “Jack Johnson – To The Sea”

  1. August 20, 2010 at 5:08 am #

    1. Jealous
    2. You have to start proofreading! ‘downpour’

    I wish you had focused on ALO more, they’re one of the better acts on Brushfire but I haven’t gotten into them much. How were they live?

    Insofar as Paula Fuga goes… sounds great. I was just about to start a post lamenting about the lack of male/female duets.

    To The Sea is definitely some of the better Jack – much preferable to Sleep Through The Static and The Mango Tree bootleg. I love the jams like From the Clouds.


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