Sufjan Stevens – I Walked (single)

If any of you have missed my love of Sufjan Stevens then welcome to my blog, you must be new.

I have been patiently awaiting his up and coming work and recently purchased tickets to see him play in Austin, TX this October. Oddly enough the seats weren’t assigned immediately so I a good week and some odd days tapping my feet and waiting for the news like an impatient school kid counting the minutes until recess. It would only stand to chance that I was blessed with the release of his EP and got my seat number all in the same day. 5th row baby… heck yessssss. I saw him in ATX the last time he came (2006, sheesh that’s ages ago) … and i’ve wanted to see him again ever since.

Check out his EP HERE

But I know the window has closed and I’ve missed my chance to get my two cents in about that one, but once again Mr. Stevens has surprised everyone with the release of a single from up and coming album The Age Of Adz! This five minute song is different from  most of his other stuff so if you’re expecting Chicago part II then you better realign your expectations or this wont be your cup of indie tea.

It’s a electronic beat driven song which isn’t too unexpected if you’ve been keeping up Sufjan’s last few EP’s such as the BQE, etc. But don’t worry you still have your Sufy-security blanket of great melodies and incredible harmonies to keep you comforted on the new musical journey it takes you on. Judging by this one song it seems that his lyrical content has taken a bit of a turn for the intense. That is to say that he seems to no longer hiding his emotive lyrics behind cities, states or historical figures but is a) dealing with deeper issues and emotions b) singing in the first person.

It’s an incredible song and I can’t wait for the rest of the project but it can only show so much of what’s to come in his impending album.

Download the song for FREE HERE.

PS. I apologize for any grammatical errors, made up words, and far-fetched analogies you may find in my posts. I’ll try and actually start proof reading, I hear that’s something writers do so it’s probably a good idea. Be that as it may, I find that if my magical mac spell check doesn’t catch it then I’m likely to be up chocolate river without a straw…


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2 Comments on “Sufjan Stevens – I Walked (single)”

  1. August 28, 2010 at 2:09 am #

    I was talking to one of my friends and she described I walked as “it is as if The Postal Service got good, had babies with Of Montreal, and then those kids hired Sufjan to do vocals.”

    I think you already know that I like what I hear.

  2. August 31, 2010 at 8:03 pm #

    i prefer my sufjan-security blanket


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