The Eastern Sea – Eastern Sea EP I & II

I had the good fortune to be able to see this lovely ATX based band play over the weekend (along with Holy Fiction, I promise that a well deserved review on them coming soon)  and I was impressed. I actually liked their live show a more than I like the two EP’s that I have. Now I wasn’t exactly gathering my jaw off the floor after the show but I certainly enjoyed myself, and I haven’t been able to get their songs out of my head in days.

They’re style is much like the Local Natives with a twist of Iron & Wine but not too much to seem like a rip off any band in particular. And might add that it’s done pretty stinking well. Many bands try and fail where these boys succeed  in building up and dropping down the energy levels to evoke the right emotion for the song. Creating swelling instrumental sections within songs has become much more popular lately but that doesn’t mean anyone’s actually good at it. However, these boys (and girl) do it pretty well.

The Snow is my favorite off of their first EP released in 2008 but The Mountain is likely my fav  from their second. Also, you can find on their MySpace an “easy listening” version of The Name which captured this easy listener’s heart much more than the EP version did.

Since almost any one who knows four chords and owns a mac considers themselves a band these days it’s getting progressively harder weed through the barrage of bands to find the artists. I hope my little blog helps… for today my two cents goes to The Eastern Sea.

“Tell me your name, I swear I’ll drop it whenever I can…”

The Name (Easy Listening Version) by The Eastern Sea.

The Snow by The Eastern Sea.


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