Many apologies… and a bit o’ news.

The apologies…

Lordy, I sure haven’t been consistent with blogging lately! I’m afraid that all of the things that I have to do (AKA Full time job, full coarse load, moving, etc) has kept me from doing what I love to do (AKA Blog, go to shows, write, draw, etc). But hopefully things have settled just enough for me to regain my life and things will be back on a beat as badass as a Dr. Dre drum loop.

Unfortunately many of the ‘have to do’s” of life aren’t likely to change anytime soon and wont leave me enough time to blog as often as all of you lovely people deserve. But instead of forgoing the “love to do’s” in my life (and no I’m not talking about Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Sufjan Stevens) I had a little idea…

The News…

I have decided to bring on some amazing friends, who are often the sources of my great musical finds anyway, to form a co-bloggdom of sorts. So let me introduce you!

Audrey “Six Foota” Omenson
She will be your R&B queen from now on. With a master’s in psychology and enough psychological information on me to supply her with enough blackmail to ensure that we will be eternal friends, this snow bunny also knows a good groove when she hears one. I can’t guaranty that she’ll stay in her hip-hop corner… with tastes as varied as hers she may turn into your own personal “blox of chocolates”. In her spare time she loves to enjoy quality brews of both the coffee and beer variety, chill time with friends, and fantasizing about sharing bling with Jay-Z.

Sophie “Sophabulous” Perault
This chick is one of the most interesting individuals around with opinions aplenty and an off-beat vintage fashion. For now she graces the legendary Sherman, TX while double majoring in Media Studies and Philosophy. In describing herself she states, “I watch Clueless to fall asleep at night, have a slightly unhealthy love of the Culkin brothers, and relate a little too well to bromantic comedies.” and I don’t think I could say it any better than that. You may also be interested in visiting her Tumblr account as well!

So this is team “Predictably We” (ok that was total cheeze) and you can be looking forward to hearing a lot more from us now! Who knows… we may even give those boys at Malleus&Incus a run for their money!


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One Comment on “Many apologies… and a bit o’ news.”

  1. Audrey "6-foota" Omenson
    October 1, 2010 at 3:08 pm #

    Hellllllzzzzzz yeah! Granted, that means I’ve got to get crackin and get my bloggy-blog posted.


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