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So I decided to end September by taking a break from all of life’s many nuisances and do something I love doing just because I feel like it, which turned out to be heading down to the Mucky Duck to catch a show. It was a double rainbow sort of show for me with BOTH a Comrade reunion show and the talented miss Sarah Jaffe playing.

Comrade was as good as ever… slightly ambient (and no that’s not code for boring) with great instrumental tones. Plus the sound was mixed well which is less of a reflection on the band but is always a huge factor in my enjoyment of a show.

Now on to miss Jaffe! I’m sad to say that I even though I’ve listened to Sarah’s music for years I have never seen her live and I enjoyed her live show even more than her album, and that’s saying a lot. So go see her live if you get a chance but seeing as how the first step is buying the album let’s talk about that for a bit…

As far as the album goes it may be a little more chill than some of you prefer but she has a strong voice and haunting melodies. She manages to achieve what most female musicians can’t in that she is lovable but not cutesy, and can gain the respect and attention of a crowd without over compensating with being in your face about it. Personally I’m a bit tired of ladies in the music biz over branding themselves as one thing or another and leaving no room for just being secure in the music you write and play.

Even though it was a pub setting and she was often singing over the sound of glasses and people eating their dinner she never lost the crowd’s attention and even got everyone to sing along with the chorus of “Before You Go”. With many talented musicians backing her, lovely vocal solo transitions between some songs and sharp sense of humor it’s no surprise that she was called back up to the stage for a couple of encore songs.

Props to McGonical’s Mucky Duck for excellent sound (so many pubs/venues underestimate this) and thanks to all my good friends who are good musicians dedicating themselves to making good music!

Something Better Than Nothing – Sarah Jaffe

Clementine – Sarah Jaffe


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