Easy Wonderful – Guster

Mmmm boy… do I love me some Guster! After 4 years of keeping my on my toes waiting for an album, of course they would release one just as I throw in the anticipatory fan girl towel.

Over all I’d say that I really like most of the individual tracks but as a whole I can’t seem to get a feel for the album. It’s what I call a chickenshot album (This may highlight my southerness but hey, I yam what I yam…) when a band ends up covering a large multi-gernre area and hope that something hits the mark.

Everything from folksy tracks to religious-ish tunes like “Jesus And Mary” and then even branching off into the electronic sphere with the ending track (that felt more like a track one or two than a note to close on.) “Do What You Want”

Now all of that sounds a bit negative and I don’t want to be confusing but over all I actually really love the album. With a light and semi-bouncy vibe with some Beach Boys undertones I’d have to say “Do You Love Me” is one of my favorites from this album but I’d have to say that I enjoyed virtually every track and that doesn’t happen often.

On a side note about the band, it’s been commented on that even though the band members are all now pushing 40 their fan base never seems to get any older. I contribute this to the fact that every one of their albums seems to evolve with current music trends. For instance I would compare this new album with bands like Peter Bjorn & John and The Good Old War… both of which are captivating a lot of the college age indie crowd at the moment.

And that’s that…


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