Crazy For You- Best Coast

Hello dear readers. I feel I must introduce myself. My name is Sophie and I hail from the great city of Houston, Texas. These days, however, I spend my time devoted to the study of philosophy and media at Sherman, Texas’ gleaming gem of a liberal arts school– Austin College. When I’m not busy with my 18 hours of class per week, I slave away at an ice cream parlor chain, singing for tips. In between class, scooping, homework, and working on my screenplay, I have carved out this little slice of my time to tell you my thoughts on the various artists trying to make a name for themselves through this medium we call, “the album.” Our webmistress here, Miss Madison DuPree (the future Mrs. Sufjan Stevens) has offered me this position, as she thinks I may have something interesting to say. We shall test this theory immediately as I attempt to feel out this whole music blogging thing.

For my first review, I’ve simply chosen a minor indie rock band making their way around the dingy club circuit on their first U.S. tour. They’re from LA and go by the name Best Coast. Their online presence is essentially limited to a myspace and bizarre blog by lead singer Bethany Cosentino. The trio’s debut album, “Crazy for You” reached #36 on the Billboard 200 this Summer. This is likely because this album would be great for laying out in the sun by the body of water of your choice. However, it is fall, and I still think this album is great for a listen (in the same way that Bon Iver‘s “For Emma, Forever Ago” is great even outside of winter).

The first track off the album is the effervescent single, “Boyfriend.” This song has constantly been on my playlists for the past few months. The words could honestly have been written by Miley Cyrus with lyrics like, “I’d love him to the very end/ But instead he’s just a friend/ I wish he was my boyfriend.” However, in the context of the song, they feel more relaxingly simplistic and less obnoxious. This track sets the tone for the whole album– dulcet pop melodies over mellow reverb-y surf rock guitars. “Crazy For You” picks up the pace slightly, but any dancing to Best Coast would have to resemble mild head-bobbing and toe-tapping or possibly the Jack Rabbit Slim’s dance scene in Pulp Fiction.

The album does tend to get pretty repetitive in the songs’ pacing. All of the tracks are under 3:02 in length and are extraordinarily pop in structure. Though there is nothing especially new in the album, the combinations of old elements are certainly intriguing. The vocals in “Goodbye” are strangely similar to Courtney Love’s circa the golden era of Hole, encompassing angst and shouting without ever crossing into grating territory. The soaring harmonies of “Summer Mood” and “I Want To” are not unlike those of Eisley‘s, though Cosentino’s voice is considerably lower and more gravelly. Many of the tracks– “Our Deal”, in particular– bear a similar retro 1960’s vibe to that of She & Him. However, Best Coast’s focus is much more on 1960’s surf guitar than the vocal pop of the same era. Toward the end of the album, the tracks finally begin to take on a slower pace. “Honey” even incorporates some elements of grunge and goth into its melodies (again reminding me of Hole) in a slightly ornate and beautiful way.

Though the lack of variety in the album can get annoying, it is absolutely golden for mix CDs or playlists. It is also ideal for a day at the beach or a long drive. I’ve uploaded my three favorite tracks from the album below. Enjoy! And stay tuned to see if I ever get the hang of this music blogging format.

Bratty B 

I Want To 



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