Subterranean Homesick Blues – A Tribute To Bob Dylan’s “Bring It All Home”

Please don’t kill me for this… but I’m not a huge Bob Dylan fan. No, no wait… just hear me out ok. Just set down your stones and let’s have a heart to heart here. I respect ol’ Bobby boy… really I do. I think he was a great song writer and he very deservingly has left his mark on musical history. I mean with lines like, “odds and ends, odds and ends, lost time is never found again.” There are many of his songs that I love to read like poetry, but I find his voice to be a bit like a cheese grater on a chalk board, and that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

And I know that Dylan’s songs, due to their brilliance, have been covered many-a-time but this set of covers is particularly enchanting. Honestly I’d probably listen to any album that features artists like The Morning Benders, Laura Viers, The Helio Sequence, Ane Brun, Denison Witmer, etc. but the quality of the songs is an additional treat.

This tribute album covers all of the songs from Bob’s fifth studio album “Bring It All Back Home” plus a couple of extras. My favorite track from the album is The Helio Sequence’s version of Mr. Tambourine Man but that could be simply because it’s my favorite Bob Dylan song. I’ll Keep It With Mine from Denison Witmer is also fabulous.

Unfortunately, I have about as much inclination to comment on each of the 18 tracks as you have time to read them, so I’ll just skip that and toss a couple of the tracks at ya! Enjoy dear readers, I wish you each a happy fall! May everyday greet you with delicious coffee, and may your dark Ray-Ban sunglasses never fail to make you feel every bit as cool as the Bobster. Thanks for reading!

Mr. Tambourine Man – The Helio Sequence

On The Road Again – Julie Doiron

I’ll Keep It With Mine – Denison Witmer


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