Jonsi – Go

Calling all Sigur Ros fans…

Now I know we’re all still wounded from the announcement of their “indefinite hiatus” earlier this year but our beloved front man of this Icelandic sensation Jon Por Birgisson (aka Jonsi) is still active in recording and touring. And I happen to be lucky enough to see him perform last night. It was as every bit as good as I was expecting, I was standing about 30 ft. from Jonsi in all his feathered glory. And as a friend of mine said, “It was practically a religious experience.”

If you aren’t familiar with this Iceland based band, Sigur Ros, that has emerged over the last decade (along with Bjork, Mum, and Emiliana Torrini) then please check out some of their music videos like Hoppipolla or Saeglopur, you’ll get the idea.

Ok moving forward, so much time so little to say. Oh wait… strike that, reverse it.

Usually Jonsi utilizes the odd yet hypnotic mixture of Icelandic, Hopelandic, and straight up gibberish to compose the “lyrics” of his songs but a large amount of Go is actually in English. However, since he hasn’t seemed come into any desire to enunciate it’s difficult to tell what he’s saying, but we’re told it’s english.

His debut album was released in April and while I still love Sigur Ros more it’s much better than his other side project that he released with his boyfriend Alex (aptly named Jonsi & Alex).

It has a good mix of moody tracks like Kolnidur and Tornado as well as more vibrant (but no less complex) tracks such as Go or Around Us.

Anyway, check out the album because it’s totally worth the 9.99 to own. And if you’ve never heard Sigur Ros go for that first. I wish I had more time to go into more detail but my busy schedule will save you from that this time.

This isn’t from the Houston show but it’s good quality just the same! And let it be known that I have a great amount of respect for any man who can rock a full feathered headdress.

“You wish surprises would never stop wonders
You wish the sunrise would never fall under
You should always know we can do anything.”


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