Triple Coupon Day!

The weight of choosing my proverbial favorite child has been upon me lately…which auditory love shall I devote a post to next?? I thought I was getting the blog-o-vibe for Mos Def…but that left me jonesing for K’naan and then The Black Keys…which reminded me of BlakRoc…which reminded me of, so on and so forth. So, in an attempt at focusing, being productive, and preventing my psyche from buckling under the weight of indecision…I’m officially naming it Triple Coupon Day!

Mos Def – Black on Both Sides

His first solo album–smooth but intense. Listening to the album feels like you’re really getting to know Mos Def (who’s real name is Dante. Seriously.) It’s like an hour-long hang out session, but with a good beat. And as with any great album (“album” can also be read “relationship”), Mos Def delivers a perfect blend of social commentary, booty, and a healthy dose of soul. Fan. tas. tic. (esp check out “Rock N Roll”, “Ms Fat Booty”, “Mr. N***a” and “Mathematics”). Once you’ve gotten to know Mos via Black of Both Sides, be sure to check out The New Danger (has a rock edge, but still stays true to who he is. Two words: “Ghetto Rock”).

The Black Keys – Magic Potion

As the Keys’ 4th studio release, Magic Potion tends to get buried in the mix of all the other great albums they’ve released. While I’ve been obsessed with Brothers this year, Magic Potion still stands out to me as one of their most solid, clean, straight-up albums. They channel Zeppelin pretty hard core on this one, but hey…since when is that ever a bad thing? It’s hard to recommend tracks here, the album really fits together as a unit. No fuss, a little cleaned up, but still just two guys being awesome.

BlakRoc – self titled

The hardcore/happy/speakstomysoul love child of The Black Keys, Mos Def, and a plethora of other artists (Jim Jones, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Pharoahe , Nicole Wray). A lot of times,  big collaboration albums like this end up being the musical equivalent of your mom making you eat leftovers for dinner. However, thanks to The Black Keys crafting the musical base for all the songs, the album is no longer a collage of different styles, but a beautiful melding of genres into a hybrid r&b/blues/rap/rock casserole of awesomeness. (you can watch “making of” videos for every track on the Blakroc project site here:

“Mathematics” – Mos Def

“Just Got to Be” – The Black Keys

“Ain’t Nothin Like You (Hoochie Coo)” – Blakroc

And since I mentioned K’naan earlier, I’ve gotta show him a little love, right? (And yes, he’s done more than the World Cup theme song)

“T.I.A.” – K’naan


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