A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose

When Samantha realized how short a calendar’s life is she said, “How cruel of our world to number our moments! They are such delightful things and make for such an incredible life, but then to say you are limited in your supply of them is the world’s oldest cruelty!”
To that Kale replied, “If that were so then colors might as well not exist, because we would take no notice of them. Of all your loved moments is there a single one you would have ever held tight in your mind if you hadn’t known that there was something in them that you could never get back?”

… the above is my way of saying I’m sorry for letting time get away from me… I have truly been slack in my blogging. Very sorry dear subscribers, I will try to avoid this lack of posting in the future.

Alrighty now, I admit that I have a lot of indie/folk tastes in music. I’m a southern gal and so I make no apologies. But I know it may not be your thing so I do try to pick the bands that are a little more palatable to the anti-twang-ers.

I’ve been listening to Birmingham Alabama’s A.A. Bondy a lot lately. Bondy gained popularity from his first band Verbena but the band broke up in 2003, then Bondy moved his little old self into his house in the Catskill mountains of Palenville in upstate New York. Bondy’s debut album American Hearts in 2007 was actually produced in a barn near his NY home, which really isn’t vital information but I find it an entertaining concept when it happens outside of east Texas. Now the subject of today’s post is his 2009 album “When The Devil’s Loose” which was also self produced.

I’d describe his sound as indie folk and unfortunately I don’t have time to expound on that since life seems pretty determined to run me into the ground. So if you’re into that sort of thing then check him out! I’ve included a few tracks for your listening pleasure!

A Slow Parade

When The Devil’s Loose


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