Lissie – Catching A Tiger

Happy thanksgiving to one and all! I hope yours is as filled with friends and loved ones as mine is, and that each one of you consume more pie on this one day than you do in the rest of the year combined! Since today is an extra special day I’ve been saving an extra special album just for it…

Today’s feature goes by Lissie (a nickname based on Elisabeth Maurus, which I’m sure you clever dolls can gather to be her name) and this is her debut album Catching A Tiger that was released in June of this year. When I first heard “In Sleep” on a playlist while hanging out at my cousin Sherri’s house I was instantly intrigued. I don’t know what it was but it was certainly a “wait, this girl is crazy talented” sort of moment. I don’t usually assume that much based on one song but in this case my heart (or ears if you’d prefer) did not lead me astray because I consider the $9.99 spent on this album one of the better financial decisions I’ve made this year.

This album has strong Fleetwood Mac undertones not only is Lissie’s vocals but in the instrumental tones and style. But I suppose if you’re going to engage in musical mimicry of any kind Stevie Nicks is a pretty good person to take after. One of my favorite tracks is “In Sleep” which I mentioned before but “When I’m Alone” and “Everywhere I Go”. Also, “Oh Mississippi” she co wrote with Ed Harcourt. Ed seems to have a phenomenal eye for upcoming female artist because I’ve fallen in love with numerous artist that he has co written songs with… so keep an eye on what he’s doing these days!

The album was recorded and produced in the good ol’ Nash’ by prominent producer Jacquire King who has worked with other artists such as Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Norah Jones and Mutemath. Which is impressive considering that her first EP “Why You Runnin'” was produced by her friend Bill Reynolds of Band Of Horses. Just a fun fact for ya there…

Anyway, I hope all of my Houston readers are able to make it out the the Eisley/Ives The Band/Christie DuPree show at warehouse live tomorrow night! I wish you all a merry Thanksgiving day and may you be surrounded by all that you are thankful for! Here are a few of Lissie’s tracks to whet your appetite.

In Sleep

When I’m Alone


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