Musical Advent – Day 3

Most new Christmas music these days tends to be less Christ and more mas and it always leaves me wanting to recenter my mind on what this season is really all about. Now there’s nothing wrong with songs about winter, candy, or loved ones but that’s not what it’s all about. Sometimes I need a little more depth in my music selection.

My need to be reminded why we deal with long lines, insane traffic, and take the time to redecorate our houses is why today’s pick is Phil Wickham’s new album “Songs For Christmas”. The album is predominantly classic Christmas songs but each slightly updated and very well done. He threw in a few songs that are Christ centered (which I believe are original), which isn’t surprising given his worship leading back ground. This is a great addition to your Christmas collection and I highly recommend it!

You can buy his album (digital or order a hard copy) only on his website.


Christmas Time


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