Musical Advent – Day 4

So onward and forward we bump along with our merry musical advent! Today’s been super busy with Christmas shopping and other yuletide events. And the shopping has mad me realize that whoever first said “The early bird get’s the worm” clearly meant, “the early bird get’s the worm if it can fight off the other early birds in the apple store.” Eh, anyway… I survived and now for music talk!

I’ve tried to keep a good mix of winter songs as well as traditional Christmas songs but today I’m going to add a third genre. For now we’ll call it the “potentially offensive and completely irreverent butchering of christmas classics that make you realize you love your friends/family” category. However, I do admit that it makes me realize I love my friends and family because… well, today’s feature is made up of my friends and family.

I give you Fog Breathers. You will laugh, you will cry, you will hate yourself for it. Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday is on some of the older tracks and recently tweeted “A few years ago my friend tim made a xmas album. He asked if id do a verse on “Santa claws.” I said yes. He’s a genius” and I have to say I agree with that statement. Fog Breathers is a reminder to us all that Christmas music can be fun and a little bad ass as well.

Listed below you can stream or download each of the three albums:

The Best Friggin’ Christmas Album You Ever Heard

If Christmas Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right

Christmas Ain’t No Joke

Fog Breath In Yo Face (new track)

There will be more tracks throughout the month so if you want updates and links to the new material go like Fog Breathers on Facebook

As far as tracks go may I suggest “Christmas MVP”, “How We Do Christmas”, “Frosty”, and “Twas The Night” which is my Uncle Boyd’s reading of Cajun Night Before Christmas complete with authentic cajun accent.

I’ve included Christmas MVP for your listening pleasure. The song’s a bit long but I promise it’s worth it. Artist listing in order of verses:
All Choruses-tim brooks
Micheal Phelps (not swimmer), DTH (Daniel Hall of The Beaten Sea, Comrade, etc), Lee Rannals, Justin Brinker, DTH, Brad Culpepper, Timtation (Aka Tim Brooks), Stepahine, Sam Hancock, Timtation, Dee $ (Deanda, Tim’s wife), WD40 (Weston DuPree of Eisley), J RAY Holidae (Jessica DuPree, Weston’s wife), Brad Culpepper, Marky Mark Waldrup (Mark Waldrop of David Crowder Band), Jessie Gibbons, C-Tank (Christie DuPree), Isreal Anthem (Slow Hands), B. Moore  (Ben Moore of Comrade), Hunter Bear, Lil Elfy, Shay Bares, Zane Bares, G-Ron Duprizzle (Garron DuPree of Eisley), Mark Swartzcoff (Aka Eisley’s Sound Man)

P.S. If you think about it why don’t you stop by twitter and wish my lil bro @GarronEisley a happy 21st bday!


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2 Comments on “Musical Advent – Day 4”

  1. December 5, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    CHRISTMAS MVP!!! YESSS! And yeah, it’s been on all my xmas party playlists. fo realz.

    • Anonymous
      December 17, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

      Girl I love you for introducing me to these songs


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