Musical Advent – Day 12

Sunday Morning

7:44 AM – Madison finds out at the last second that she doesn’t have to lead the youth worship team at church. (note the giving and talented nature of our character)

7:46 AM – Madison condiders going back to bed but decides to be both responsible & productive by completing the day’s Musical Advent blog. (note the disciplined and hard working nature of our character)

7:48 AM – Madison makes coffee, plugs in Christmas tree, and turns on ipod to christmas playlist in hopes for a suddenly heart softening moment toward any of her usual holiday songs.(note our character’s child like faith in the heart softening ability of the Christmas season)

7:59 AM Madison resolves to delete Aly & AJ’s Acoustic Hearts of Winter album from her ipod, how the heck did it get there anyway? (note that our character would never purchase such an item)

8:00-8:13 AM – Madison skips the remaining 122 songs on her Christmas playlist.

8:14 AM – Madison despairs then throws ipod out the window and burns down the Christmas tree…

Ok Ok… that last one wasn’t true, except for the despairing part. I’m just barely half way done with my musical advent and I’ve run out of Holiday inspiration. I have been scouring the all knowing internets (yes i meant to put that ‘s’ at the end of ‘internets’, don’t correct me, it sickens me) for a christmas song or album that is worthy of your time and money but alas I think I have come to a dead end.

But as I begin to rattle the musical filing cabinets of my brain in an attempt to retrieve some fond musical Christmas memory, out falls the ancient file of SheDaisy’s Christmas album Brand New Year. This was once one of my favorite Christmas albums when it first came out (circa 2000) but had been lost somewhere in the musical data abyss within the last decade.

Now I didn’t care much for this female sibling trio as a band since they were sort of like round two of the Dixie Chicks but this Christmas album was far less pop-country than their normal material.

Anyway, this may be one that’s merely sentimental to me and every sane music loving person would hate, but now that I’ve downloaded it (compliments of AmazonMp3’s) and listened to it again I still have to applaud them for their killer harmonies and good mix of both new/fun and traditional/serious Christmas songs.

Let me know what you think of it and I beg of you all to send any other supurb musical holiday finds my way because I don’t know how much more I’m gonna be able to come up with!

Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag

That’s What I Want For Christmas


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