Musical Advent – Day 13

Oi, It’s a bit later in the day than usual but Monday decided to be it’s usual hecktic self and has left me blogging at the last moment. Due to the increasingly late hour and the fact that I must wake at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow I’m going to try and make this quick.

Today’s holiday song choice comes to you from Ives The Band! These Cali based boys opened up for Eisley on thier most recent national tour and it was a pleasure to get to know them and their music. Their holiday song Welcome Home is a nice change from your traditional Christmas ditties and it isn’t just some over secularized money maker track either. Although slightly out of the norm, this song was released as the last track on Owen Myer’s piano based holiday album. I myself didn’t purchase the rest of the album but it may be something you’re interested in buying.

It’s available on itunes and AmzonMP3’s and will go nicely in both your party and personal holiday playlists. I know that sounds like more like an infomercial than a music blog/review but it’s late and I can’t be held responsible for anything my sleep deprived brain allows my fingers to type… Enjoy!


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