Musical Advent – Day 21

Believe In Me by Fun

Normally I prefer the more laid back Christmas tunes but this one is pretty “fun” (ok ok that was some major cheese). It’s got some sort of updated beach boy vibes but I much prefer this type of upbeat pop holiday tune to Weezer‘s Christmas EP which frankly get’s on my nerves.

Not much else to say about it… I’ve included the link to download it because it happens to be free on Amazon MP3‘s for the moment. Only a few more days and then it’s Christmas! And more importantly I can start blogging about non Christmas albums again! I’m already working on my suggestions for New Years party playlists… be very excited.

Download for FREE HERE!

“Even Santa he is thankful for the little things
Thanks to the reindeer that pull me on my sleigh
Thanks for the moonlight that guides me on my way”

H.P.S. (holiday post script) I hope none of you have been missing the holiday themed 1000 Awesome Things blog posts… some of them are pretty great!


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