Musical Advent – Day 23

Today’s musical advent brings you the lovely song All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day by Manchester England based boys the Hurts.

I know you can tell by the title that this isn’t you’re classic holiday pick me up song lyrically at least. But it actually feels pretty cheery at a pass if you don’t pay much attention to the words. No matter though, the song’s great and as a whole it really isn’t a downer. I promisssseee…

I almost decided to save it for my New Years Playlist next week but for some reason it just felt fitting tonight. It’s about being down but looking up (this is not me saying I’m feeling any sort of Christmas depression right now, I’m actually having a great holiday so far) and let’s face it, some of us need that message at Christmas time more than any other time of year.

So this one is for the holiday down and outers. No matter what your situation is this Christmas season… at least there is bound to be a song for it.

“All of the bells ringing out for Christmas
I’m singing goodbye to the year before
I know that the next one will be different
So much more…”

I’m not quit sure where you can buy it but you can download it for free here.


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