Musical Advent – Merry CHRISTMAS!!!!

Merry Chritmas everyone! I really tried to think of a better, less used, way of saying that but in the end what’s wrong with being just a tad traditional? Tis the season after all…

This Christmas has seen to it that I’m the privileged owner of a kindle and that I have enough interesting/beautiful/wacky socks to see me through the year. It’s been filled with tons of good food, family, and dancing… what else could I ask from a single day? Certainly not very much and in that I’m extremely blessed!

Many of you may already know about this one but it really is one that you need to have. Today’s holiday pick is Rosie Thomas‘s “A Very Rosie Christmas” which includes some faint guest vocals from her family and usual posse of Sufjan Stevens, Jeremy Enigk, and Denison Witmer.

As usual I tend to gravitate towards the slightly less traditional holiday songs, not because they are nessesarily so much better than the others but simply because I’m not sick of hearing them.That’s why my favorites on the album are tracks like Why Can’t It Be Christmastime All Year? and Alone At Christmas Time.

I do have to resist the urge to feel a little jipped since the last two tracks aren’t songs but spoken Christmas greetings/wishes but that only goes to show that I love the album enough to certainly want more.

Why Can’t It Be Christmastime All Year?

I can’t believe that this is the last Musical Advent post… I’m almost sad about it. Almost 🙂 . Now to start on my best of 2k10 and New Years Party Playlist suggestions!

P.S. Since I wont have another chance to post this I’ll just add it on here… this is a little Dupree family christmas download… it is of course free! Download here.


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