New Years Playlist

This is an important element of a New Years Eve Party that so many unfortunate souls neglect. Don’t let it be this you this year

Another Year Has Gone By by Celine Dion Psych!!! Ha oh man… I wish I could’ve seen your faces with that one. Curse the non-personal nature of blogging. Ok being serious now:

2080 by Yeasayer – Goes well with Hail Social & Beach House “It’s a new year and I’m glad to be here...”

New Year by Death Cab For Cutie – Typical I know but you sort of have to throw it in there. Goes well with Band Of Horses & Postal Service “Everybody put your best suit or dress on and we’ll make believe we’re wealthy for just this once. “

Happy New Year by Camera Obscura – A lovely song… light hearted and great on just about any playlist.

New Years Day by U2 – Some of you may not like them but someday when you are older and wiser you will. Once again it’s a classic and it’s vital to have a good mix of genres in a playlist. “Though I want to be with you, Be with you night and day, Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.

When Tomorrow Comes by Eurythmics – Gotta get some good oldies in there! Goes well with Thompson Twins & David Bowie. “Wait till tomorrow comes yea yea…”

I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth – Another oldie but a goodie. Goes well with Buffalo Springfield & Led Zeppelin. “I just want to celebrate another day of livin’!”

1999 by Prince – Goes well with Michael JacksonTonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999

Badlands by Bruce Springsteen – Ya just can’t argue with Bruce. Goes well with Morrissey & The National “spend your life waiting for a moment that just don’t come, well don’t waste your time waiting, Badlands, you’ve got to live it every day”

Planet New Year by Sarah Blasko – Check her out if you’ve never heard her stuff… not blow your mind different or anything  but she’s pretty solid.

Starting Over by John Lennon – Goes well with The Beatles (duh) & Simon & Garfunkel “It’ll be just like starting over…

Here’s a peek at what my Playlist this year looks like… enjoy! (Click on ‘pop-out player’ below to view it)


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