Paper Route – Absence

There are a few albums that I turn to when I’m not sure what I want to listen to. This bright and chilly Thursday finds me turning to Absence by Paper Route, the 2009 LP from some of my favorite Nashvillain musicians (if that’s what the Nash locals go by then they’re passing up a great opportunity).

It’s is seriously great and I can’t wait for their next full length album. Since most bands out there who are actually interested in building a fan base and creating quality music are currently trying to get away from their labels it has put a legal hold on a lot of music making. Paper Route has released a few EP’s (cool kid lingo for ‘Extended Play’ meant to be in addition to or a preview of a full length album) since then but hasn’t announced any tentative dates for sophomore album although last month they tweeted that they are now writing again. Between label issues and Andy Smith (guitar, co-writing, and some vocals) leaving the band recently they’ve had their fair amount of drama lately.

Ok, less about the politics, more about the music. Carousel is probably my favorite song, mostly because reminds me of something that could have been from Mew’s Frengers. Be Healed is also an amazing track, and come to think of it Gutter is too. Sheesh, this is like picking a favorite child… just listen to the whole thing, you wont regret it.

If you typically lean toward the acoustic singer/songwriter thing then you may consider this a little too electronic/synthy. But I’m not talking Owl City electronic, this is a real band with a real drummer, with more than garage band to record in.

There isn’t too much else for me to say about it but it does have a 5 star rating on my ipod and I don’t say that about just any album. So take advantage of itunes’s minute and thirty second previews then go buy if off amazon mp3‘s. I seriously doubt you’ll regret it.


Be Healed

“On and on and on we go like a carousel that’s lost control.”


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One Comment on “Paper Route – Absence”

  1. January 11, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    I really was thinking like 15mn ago “Hey…I Love Paper Route, we really need to blog about ‘Absence'”. Thank you, Madison. Thank you.

    “Are We All Forgotten” and “Dance on our Graves” are incredible too. And “Tiger Teeth”. And “Enemy Among Us”…and well yeah, you’re right. The entire album. Def on my Perfect Albums list.


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