Hellogoodbye – Would It Kill You?

Sometimes you hit a power-pop streak and there’s just no fighting it. I have found myself in just such a situation over the past week. Now, I wouldn’t have ever considered myself a Hellogoodbye fan, but considering my recent musical mood swing and the fact that their new album is exceptionally good you’re the lucky ones who get to hear about it today.

I saw Hellogoodbye open for Hanson last year and I could hardly stomach the autotuned crap they were peddling. I know that most of you are probably thinking that a girl who lives in a fragile house of Hanson dreams shouldn’t throw teen-pop stones but trust me… there’s a big difference between experienced musicians and a couple of guys who show a talent for using garage band.

Now that I’ve told you how much I normally don’t like them, let me tell you about how much I’m loving their latest work. First of all, it’s crazy fun. It makes me happy much in the same way that Billy Joel, Pushing Daisies, and nutella does. The ukelele, lyrical content, and lack of auto-tune make this album vastly different from their only other album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! in 2006. Since then they’ve undergone a label change (which probably explains the 4 year gap between albums) and clearly a change in their approach to music.

The title track Would It Kill You? has some pretty strong Vampire Weekend vibes especially in the guitar tones they use. That’s a good thing in my opinion but if you’re not a VW fan then don’t waste your time. And Something You Misplaced is one that reminds me of The Good Old War or Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

It’s a shame that the album didn’t come out until November because it would be fabulous on a summer time playlist… oh well, my Heat Wave ’11 is now officially in progress! Here’s a little taste… enjoy!

Getting Old

Betrayed By Bones

The Thought That Gives Me The Creeps


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