Moondoggies – Tidelands

If you’re not doing what you love you’re wasting your time.” –Billy Joel

If I ruled the world I would require all forming bands to have their selected nom de musique‘s to be approved my me personally. If that was the process no music reviewer would ever have to feel ashamed when typing the word “moondoggies” in his/her blog title again.

Seriously guys, I could hardly bring myself to do it… But let us try and hear past the ridiculous name and try and take them seriously for a moment. It’s been often said by reviewers that the Moondoggies are a “serious band with a silly name”. And for good music I think I can deal with that.

Sound: I hesitate to say they’re reminiscent of The Eagles because I realize that not everyone loves them as much as I. But I’m not implying that they have a “dated” sound, but indie folk rock is not only on the rise but currently prevalent in the “indie-stry”. So even if you’re not old enough to know that you love the Eagles, I hope you still give these guys a chance.

On the other hand I’d also compare them to Nathaniel Rateliff or a male fronted Fleetwood Mac.

Their dark rhodes and ominous organ tones topped with three part male harmonies give them a pretty cool sound that almost reminds me of a lot of things but isn’t quite like anything else.

Background: Lead singer Kevin Murphy has been the only constant member of the band over the years. This seems to be a growing trend with bands. You’ve got the ringleader and everyone else is expendable. As a fan I see the pro’s as not having to worry that if  a couple of the members throw a fit and quit you’ll still get your music. But the cons are not really being able to fall in love with a band for all of it’s members. You might as well just say “Oh yeah, I’m a huge Kevin Murphy fan”, and never get too attached to drumming styles and what not because the next album will likely change it up on you with a new guy. Overall I’m not a huge fan of the concept because, c’mon, drummers and bass players deserve all the questionable career stability that lead singers have right?

Over the last few years they’ve gained popularity in the north west by playing bars, and then the bars next to those bars, then some venues, and back to bars again. I’d imagine that setting effected their developing tone early in their career but I can’t really say for sure. Whatever their influences may be, I like it… “I like it alot

My thoughts: My favey-fav’s are Tidelands,  Empires Of The North and A Lot Of People On My Mind. They’ve got a great sound, good tones, and they’ve obviously paid their dues long enough to become very talented musicians. Check’em…


A Lot Of People On My Mind


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