Mew – Frengers

It may not be new… but every time is like the first time with Mew. -Dr. Madison Seuss

Many of you may be familiar with my Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and otherwise odd foreign music fetish but I consider Mew the crowning jewel. They’re a Danish group of seasoned musicians from Copenhagen. They’ve been making incredible music for 17 years, thus exceeding the shelf life on the average non-hall of fame inducted band… but the day they break up is the day pay a tribute of tears to them like a hippie cursing Yoko when the Beatles disbanded. All that to say, this isn’t your average garage-pop electronic band kids, this is the sort of stuff that reshapes your opinion of what “good music” is. Trust me, your itunes library will never look the same.

I warred with myself on whether or not I should post about Frengers, And The Glass Handed Kites, or No More Stories Are Told Today, I’m Sorry They Washed Away. But my inner termoil came to an end after listening each album back to back this morning (don’t you wish you had a job that let you do that?)… each are great but they just can’t compare to Frengers for me.

Frengers is their 3rd studio release from 2003 and although it feels like yesterday I suppose it’s actually just shy of a decade. Lord help me I may be getting old. However, since it does contain many tracks from their previous two albums I consider it to be the start of their career. The confusing album name is actually a compilation of “friend” and “stranger” AKA 60% of the people I’m friends with on facebook.

This album was also on my Perfect Albums list a while back so I don’t think I can claim any favorites… it would be like picking a favorite child or gelato flavor, it feels offensive to even try. But I’ll add some ear candy at the end of this post so you can get their vibe.

Symmetry is a duet with Mew’s lead singer Jonas and 14 year old Becky Jarrett. She has a pretty voice but she does sound a bit like a four year old, and that gives the song a slightly creepish vibe. Still a great song though.

1, 5, 6


“But Ironically you will always be the belle of the ball, at least to me…”

P.S. If you’ve never seen Mew’s Live In Copenhagen DVD then you’re living a half life. That is all.


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