S. Carey – All We Grow

I just wrote an entire blog about the Yann Tiersen/S. Carey show and heavily referenced a previous blog I did on S. Carey’s album “All We Grow”. But when I went in search for the post to link to it I realized that apparently no such post exists. After berating myself for keeping this musical jewel hidden within my heart I’ve decided to rectify (<– click on link for comedic relieve) this oversight immediately. A well deserved and long overdue post on Yann will be coming soon… but for right now I’ve gotta give a cyber-shoutout to S. Carey!

As some of you know, Audrey (6 foota) and I plus a couple of other music loving friends trecked out into the frozen tundra formerly known as Houston on Friday night to see Yann Tiersen and S. Carey play. And let me tell you… it was soooo worth risking the frost bite.

Concert going tip: Always take someone with an incredible looking foot injury with you… preferably one dependent on crutches. You’ll have complimentary tall stools and a cafe table set up in a prime spot before you can say “hardcore concert loving invalid”. Needless to say, this lucky little set up made the night that much more enjoyable.

Now for the deets on the show:

I absolutely love their album thus I was really pumped about the show. But I’m often apprehensive about seeing someone live for the first time, knowing that if they fail to deliver a good performance it may put me off of their music once and for all *cough* OkGo *cough*. But holy unneeded fears batman… they were good. Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the show even MORE than I enjoy the album. Their vocals seem slightly less ambient and more Bon Iver-esque live, which makes sense since lead singer/guitarist Sean Carey happens to also be Bon Iver’s drummer/backup vocalist.

I would liken the style to Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Freelance Whales and maybe a bit of  Jonsi. Great harmonies, lovely tones, with a constant undercurrent of musical emotion. It may range on the slightly more ambient side of things but it’s got a lot of dynamics and motion in it thus in this case “ambient” does not equal “boring”. The whole album is pretty great but I would especially like to point out the brilliance of tracks such as We Fell and Mothers.

Yann Tiersen was great as well and they still have a lot of east coast shows left on this tour so you should check their tour schedule here and make plans to see them if they’re coming to your town!

Here’s a little snip of my clippy for ya… sorry about the questionable quality, I was messing with my new iphone4 and the optional effects. But you get the idea. Clip of “Action” live:

P.S. I want to give a shout out to the Fitzgerald’s staff and specifically Thomas who went above and beyond the call of venue employee duty!



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