Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & Dharohar Project – EP

This compilation project done by Laura Marling, Dharohar and the increasingly popular Mumford & Sons is a four song EP that will rock your cultural socks.

The music is such a brilliant and unusual combination of styles that it’s hard to describe. But let it suffice to say that I feel confident that you’ll love this EP by what can only be described as a British Super-trio.

Laura Marling is a very talented guitarist and vocalist hailing from Hampshire, England. She started becoming very popular in the London music scene in 2008, and if you’re not familiar with her work I would suggest checking out her “I Speak Because I Can” album. She actually made it onto my Best Albums of 2K10… I’m tellin’ ya, it’s positively lov-er-ly.

Mumford & Sons is also based in London but their fame has recently exploded like the Hiroshima bomb after the release of their album “Sigh No More“. This album also made it onto my list of Best Albums of 2k10 even though everyone and their blog listed it as well. But what can I say? Sometimes the masses are right!

Now Dharohar is much harder to describe, especially since I had never heard of them until this EP. The members are based out of many placed from the UK to India. They have been doing a lot of work, thus gaining popularity, in London but as you will be able to hear, their music sounds like something straight out of the musical heart of India. ‘Dharohar’ is actually a Sanskrit word meaning “legacy”, which ties into their mission and philosophy that “…music can overcome differences and create true unity”. You can read more about them here on their website! Very interesting and pretty inspiring!

If you’re like any of these artists or if you’re bored with all of your music and you’re looking for a change of genres then I would certainly recommend this EP. Also, for all of the Mumford & Sons fans (aka anyone who loves good music) I would say that you’ll enjoy “The Darkness/Kripa” the most since it has the strongest resemblance to their work.


The Darkness/Kripa


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