The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

Radiohead in three days, Eisley March 1st, Death Cab in May 31st, and many many other great albums due out this year. And yet I’m already predicting that this album will be in my top albums of 2011.

The Civil Wars is comprised of Joy Williams and John Paul White, both of which were independently popular before they decided to combine forces in early 2009. I purchased their Poison & Wine EP when it came out in 2009, and immediately fell in love with them!

Most of you have probably seen their name around recently since their album went no. 1 on itunes and no. 12 on the billboard 200… and it’s certainly well deserved. But if you haven’t checked it out I would HIGHLY recommend doing so.

There’s a good musical variety in the album. They’ve got soulful tracks like the title track which is reminiscent of Dan Auerbach‘s solo work, and hauntingly beautiful ones like Girl With The Red Balloon. And even an instrumental interlude here and there. I buy a lot of albums and I have to say that there’s a fine line between having every track sound the same and giving your listeners genre whiplash. But, in my opinion, The Civil Wars have found that fine line and walked it like acrobat’s on a tight rope…Great harmonies, great lyrics, great album.

In personal news I’m extremely exited to be seeing them here in Houston next month at The Mucky Duck with Matt Corby (aussie hottie… girls, check him out) and I’m sure I’ll be tweeting pics and video clips from the show!

Suggested if you like Laura Viers, Joseph Arthur, or Patty Griffin

Example of the aforementioned “great harmonies” (it was hard to pick just ONE!):
20 years

Example of the aforementioned “great lyrics”:
“C’est la vie, C’est la mort.
(Such is life, such is death.)
You and me, Forevermore.

Lets walk on the road that has no end
Steal away where only angels tread
Heaven or hell or somewhere in between
Cross your heart and take me with you please
Don’t go , Please don’t go, Don’t go without me”


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