Telekinesis – 12 Straight Lines

This new release from the American indie-pop band Telekinesis is quickly clawing it’s musical way to the top of my summer playlist faves!

Now just to clarify a bit, this “band” is another one of those “let’s pretend to be a band even though the lead singer is the only one signed, because no one will remember this guy’s name anyway” sort of deals. I’m still on the fence about this increasingly popular set up but I guess I can’t argue with good music, no matter how few people are credited for making it. So make sure to save face next time you’re hanging out with those supper trendy friends of yours and remember that Telekinesis is comprised of the one and only Seattle based Michael Benjamin Lerner.

This album, as well as their debut album “Telekinesis!”, was recorded and produced by Death Cab For Cutie‘s Chris Walla. And it’s proof that while it is important to have talent, it also doesn’t hurt to have talented friends. Overall, I can’t say that there are any tracks I would call my favorites, it’s just one of those easy to go to albums that you can pour yourself into… it’s like a friend that always returns your call.

Throw this entire album on a playlist with some Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Feist, Hello Goodbye, and Local Natives and you’ve got yourself on your way to a well DJed summer!

You Turn Clear In The Sun


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